Privacy and  Fees

Duffy Counselling Services

Privacy: We do not disclose, sell or trade our mailing lists to others.  The information you provide to us is used solely for the purposes of your care where it concerns your therapeutic process. The information you provide is kept confidential.  Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us.

Confidentiality: There exists a set of rules and professional standards set out by the licensing associations of our profession. These standards are adhered to strictly. None of the information you provide is ever given to anyone outside Duffy Counselling Services: This includes parents, partners, friends, employers, teachers, doctors or any other individual unless:    

  1. We have your written permission; 
  2. We believe it is necessary to prevent clear and imminent danger to you or others; 
  3. You indicate there is reasonable cause to believe that a child, dependent adult, or a vulnerable elderly person has been abused;
  4. A crime may have been or has been committed; or,  
  5. A court orders us to disclose confidential information about you.

Fees:  We believe that everyone is entitled to quality care/therapy. Services at Duffy Counselling Services are not covered by the Ontario Provincial Health Care Plan.  Assessments, reports, public speaking engagements and Parent Coordination rates are set in accordance with Ontario governing bodies, associations and/or colleges. You may have coverage through your employer if you have an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) or through your insurance (benefits) provider. Payment is accepted by cheque, Visa, MasterCard or cash, and receipts are provided.  Blocks of sessions are available at a reduced price, as is a sliding scale for those experiences financial hardship. 

Free Consultation: It is important for you to feel comfortable with your therapist. As such, we offer a free consultation appointment. This is not a counselling appointment, but is rather an opportunity for you to speak to a counsellor, ask questions, get to know them, and get a sense of their counselling style or approach. 

Cancellation Policy: Your time is valuable. The time we reserve for you is exclusively yours. We do require a minimum of 48 hours notice to change or cancel any appointment. Anyone who does not provide 48 hours notice, or fails to appear for an appointment, will be responsible for the cost of that missed appointment, and it will need to be paid prior to booking a new appointment. In the case of a client missing a free consultation, a refundable deposit will be requested prior to the booking of the new appointment.

Client Rights: As the staff have the right to be treated respectfully, so do you have the right to be treated respectfully and ethically by the staff. Your involvement with Duffy Counselling Services is voluntary, and we promise to meet your needs and provide you with the best possible care. If we are unable to accommodate your needs, we will find the appropriate community or other service agency to refer you to.